In two days movers are going to show up to our house and move us from Malahide, our home village for the past 13 months, to Sutton, our new home village for the next year. The move is actually a bittersweet one. We have grown to love Malahide and our location is absolutely perfect for enjoying it to its fullest.

A quick 5-minute walk and you are in the heart of the village. A 7-minute walk and you are at Malahide Castle Park. A 10-minute walk and you are on the Coast Road following the estuary from the marina out into the Irish Sea. Once there, you have miles of beautiful scenery to walk through, eventually leading you to the beautiful Portmarnock Beach.

So, while we have these beautiful amenities so close by and utilize them regularly, we will not be super sad to leave our house behind. It is one of those houses that, at first glance, looks pretty awesome, and it has a beautiful garden in the back and a sun room (maybe our favorite room in the house), it is actually dying a slow death. The kind where every week something new seems to go wrong. At this point, the items are more a nuisance than anything. But they are continual.

For instance, the hot water heater. To make a really long story short, we have a flash water heater that sits outside in a shed and pumps super hot water into the house for heating and hot water. Well, it makes a noise, and not just any noise, it is the low-frequency humming noise of a fan vibrating some part of the metal container. It  starts out low and slow and gradually build to a crescendo then quits. It does this randomly throughout the day and night. And the people who came to fix it, actually made it worse! It used to last 2-3 seconds. Now that time is doubled. It sounds like a very old helicopter trying to take off…and failing.


The other day I spent two hours unclogging a drain pipe that goes out to the sewer. The front door jamb is literally falling away from the house. One day I came downstairs to water filling the candelabra’s of the hall chandelier…while the light was on…and the wires are crackling about to short out. The list goes on, but I will spare you, kind reader, the boring details.

The good news is, because this house has been such a joy, we get to relocate to a house that is in much better repair. And it’s close to the girls’ school…like, a hundred meters away. Both the girls have friends within walking distance, as well. Plus it has a nice deck, a nice garden, a nice view, and, nearest and dearest to my heart, a nice kitchen with proper space for entertaining. In short, I am stoked to be moving into this house, and so are the girls, and Lisa…well, Lisa struggles with it more than we do, and understandably so.

Sutton is a bit further away from Lisa’s work than Malahide. And not only is it further away, she also gets the joy of dealing with Sutton Cross each day. This is a lovely feature located at the narrowest point of the Sutton/Howth peninsula. It could also be called a choke point. On the Sutton peninsula it is one way in and one way out. Four major roads all meet at this intersection to either enter or leave Sutton. If the conditions are just right, it can take you 20 minutes to get through just that intersection. Add to the joy the Sutton DART station. While handy for getting in and out of city center, it crosses the Coast Road at street level. The gates to said train drop a full two minutes before any train even enters the station. If you are lucky enough to be there when two trains are coming and going, you can site there for close to 10 minutes. Irish engineering at its finest!

So yea, Lisa is not too happy to have to deal with that on a daily basis, but she loves her family and wants to make sure we are all good. So she is going to take one for the team and add a little more time to her already lengthy daily commute. I’ll be sure to have some good food ready for dinner when she finally does get home.

We are also trading Malahide Village for Sutton Village (which has really nothing going on for it except a grocery, a couple coffee shops and a Post) and Howth Village. Now, Howth Village is pretty sweet. Not only is it completely picturesque (they use it for load of promo material for Ireland) but it has some nice places to eat. Especially for seafood. Howth has an active commercial fishing harbor so the restaurants along the pier take full advantage of the fresh fare and serve it quite nicely.

So all in all, we are making a few new changes and honestly looking forward to it. The move itself should be quick and easy. It is nice that over the last year we have not accumulated too many new “things”. It makes moving so much easier. It will also be a good move for the girls, being close to school and friends, and it will be good for us socially since we can now comfortably have guests over. (Little Rock was NOT designed for today’s kind of entertaining.)

So off we go on another chapter of our story here in Ireland. It is our intention to experience as many aspects of being here as we can and the next chance is upon us.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of our favorite village (so far).