Our new house is on the Howth Peninsula, about 25 minutes outside of CIty Centre. Around the outer half of the peninsula is a wonderful trail that takes you to some of the most beautiful vistas around Dublin. The trail is basically a single track that weaves along the coastline. At times, you really have to pay attention to what you are doing. There are no guardrails and, in spots, the trail will get dizzyingly close to the edge.

Nevertheless, it is a wonderful trail to walk, hike or even bike nearly year round. At this particular time of year, the blackberries are ripe and they are everywhere! And they are incredibly delicious. Over the past week I managed to pick about a pound of them (500 grams to be exact). Last night, I made them into the most delicious jam I’ve ever made. We will be enjoying it for some time.

On my walks, I took loads of video and still shots. The scenery right now, with the purple heather blanketing the hills and the bright yellow gorst and the green of the foliage…it just makes for a really special scene. Iconic Ireland in a way.

I was so excited about the video stuff that I had to put it together in a more proper format than just clips on my laptop. So I tapped into my inner director and put together a piece that I think captures the essence of the Howth peninsula in Fall.


Bonus blackberry goodness:

as good as it gets, right there